Prosper Life Initiatives

Helping Women Thrive

Tackling Barriers  •  Exploring Opportunities •  Taking Action

Our Impact

We educate, encourage, empower and support BME women & their families to improve their well-being

We help, support, inform and empower women in Greater Manchester address issues and barriers that hinder their progress. We specialise in helping BME women who are struggling to connect or find support elsewhere.

Prosper Life Initiatives helping women thrive

What We Do

Help with culture shock

Our speciality is helping women who have just arrived in the UK. We support orientation and integration of migrant women with no informal support networks around them.

Get to the root of poverty

We always seek to tackle the underlying causes of poverty & identify practical initiatives that can improve the lives of those at high risk of poverty.

Equip women to earn

Prosper Life Initiatives encourages and support creativity to tap into unutilized skills and qualifications to boost women’s productivity and employability and increase income.

Break down cultural barriers

We provide advice and information to BME communities who would otherwise feel excluded due to social or economic barriers.

Help women find help

We are a safe connection point, enabling women to access timely and professional help needed to turn their lives around through appropriate information and signposting.

Always empower

We give women and their families tools through training to be sustainable and make long term improvements in their financial and general well-being.

How We Do It

Prosper Life Initiatives Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Training for women & their families in subjects such as money matters, work and business skills including self-employment, confidence building, emotional well-being, mental health
and parenting.

Prosper Life Initiatives community engagement

Community Engagement

We engage with community groups of varying sizes across the North West of England and deliver keynote talks in a variety of issues that affect women. We partner with experts to deliver sessions.

Prosper Life Initiatives 1-1 coaching

1 to 1 Sessions

We tailor support for each individual or family, working hard to break down barriers in communication and help people where they’re at. We provide coaching to build & enhance skills, explore opportunities to diversify income.


If we cannot help you directly, we will always seek to guide you to the appropriate service.
We are passionate about leading women to the resource that serves them best.

Prosper Life Initiatives helping women thrive

Who We Are

Our Founders

Prosper Life Initiatives was started by two amazing passionate women; Barbara and Rose…

Our Story

Prosper Life Initiatives started out as an informal women’s group, meeting in each other’s homes…

Our Partners, Funders, and Supporters

We work with these organisations to empower women across Greater Manchester.

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