Our Story

2016 - Informal Women’s Group

Coming together to talk

Prosper Life Initiatives started out as an informal women’s group, meeting in each other’s homes to undertake different activities to empower each other and talk about different issues affecting our general-being. As women we realised there were a lot of barriers that hindered our progress to reach our full potential, with some having changed careers to start all over due migration and working in low paid jobs, family pressures, social isolation, lack of support networks and many other challenges. This left many women feeling frustrated, struggling financially and unfulfilled. Coming together to talk about these issues provided only a sense of temporary relief and Prosper emerged out of that need to support one another to change our experiences as women. It’s a platform where women come together, learn, share, inspire and build relationships to make positive changes to improve their well-being and those around them.


Registered as a CIC

Prosper Life Initiatives becomes official

Prosper Life Initiatives became a registered Community Interest Company in June 2018, based in Old Trafford but working across Greater Manchester. We work with but not exclusively BME women and their families, Women on low/unstable incomes & those out of work, New arrivals in the UK, Practitioners & Professionals.


Empowering Women

Transforming lives across Greater Manchester

Now we work with Women and their communities each day; Engaging, Educating, Encouraging, & Empowering. Tackling barriers to progression & Exploring opportunities to maximise potential.

Empowering Women is Our Mission

If you would like to make a referral, partner with us or simply find out more about what we do then please get in touch with us:

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VCAT Shared Space Initiative, Oakland House, Talbot Road, Old Trafford, M16 0PQ

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07546 993 369

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